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List of the layouts attending the current show

Page updated to 9 April 2014

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2014 layout list

The York Model Railway Show is fully committed to showing, each year, a wide range of examples of larger scale, and/or uncommon scale, modelling in addition to examples from the more common scales. Come along and see the best in railway modelling in the fantastic venue of York Racecourse.



Presented by

7mm 0
John Illingworth
Albion Estates
1:12 32mm
Bill Bateson
4mm 00
Carl Bowden
4mm 00
Bob Hawes
Beamish Colliery
G scale 1:22.5
Cumbria G Scale Group
Bradstone Quarry
4mm 00
Roger Nicholls
Burnham on Sea
2mm N
Alastair Knox
Clee Valley Railway
7mm 09
Peter Leadley
Coyote Creek Railroad
3.5mm HO
Ruth & Clive Monks
Dawes Creek
2mm N
Dave Dawes
Dungeness (Days & Dreams in)
1:22.5 16.5mm
Des Trollip
Flemingsburg Junction
6.35mm 0 & 0n30
Shipley MRS
Foston Mills
7mm 0
John Buck & Dave Rees
7mm S7
Ian Futers
Grass Valley
7mm 0n30
Peter Smith
3.5mm HOe
Malcolm Rochford
Greyscroft Mine
4mm EM
Paul Gallon
4mm 00
Cleveland Model Railway Club
7mm 09 & 16.5
Ken Jackson
High Stamley
4mm 009
Paul Windle
Hirstwood Lock 19
Derek Naylor
Hook Basin
1:25 / 16.5
Richard Williams
Hospital Gates
7mm 0
East Riding Finescale Group
Kilbrandon Junction
S scale
Paul Greene
Lambury Towers
Gn15 16.5mm
Michael Bartlett
Lee Bank
2mm N
Warley Model Railway Club
Leicester South (GC)
4mm 00
Shipley Model Railway Society
Leighton Buzzard
4mm EM
Tony Gee
Martini Junction
2mm N
Hull Miniature Railway Society
Matthews Corner
1:24 16.5mm
Chris Krupa
4mm 00
Wolverhampton Model Railway Club
New Bryford
4mm 00
Mick Bryan & Peter Taylor
Newland's Farm
Gn15 16.5mm
Rex Ashton
4mm P4
Mark Tatlow
Pynton Tramway
7mm 09
Christopher Payne
Railway Street
4mm 00
Neale Burrows
1.5mm Z
David Guscott
Stoke Gabriel
4mm 00
Ken Gibbons
Stoney Lane Depot
2mm N
Grahame Hedges
Temple Falls
2mm N
Ron Upton
The Quarry
4mm 00
Tim Hale
4mm 00
Mike Parkes
Waterfield Hall
1:12 scale 32mm gauge
Allen Law & Jez Kirkwood
Widnes Vine Yard
4mm 00
Wirral Finescale Railway Modellers
Wulstanton Road
2mm N
Stephen Farmer



Organisations actively supporting the Show include:-

The Ebor Group of Railway Modellers

Island Publishing

UK Model Railways Web Community
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