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Update & News information for 2017 Show

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2017 Show


18 Mar - Minor revision on layouts page. The scale for Grizzly Woods RR was wrongly shown initially as O16.5, now corrected to the correct On30. Also the Societies and Demonstrators page updated to latest with additional entries. Traders - updated too with an additional trader.

1 Mar - Travel page updated with good news on the bus link. Layouts page updated with one change. Societies and Demonstrators page updated to latest work in progress position.

15 Feb - Some revisons and corrections to the wording of the Family and disabled page.

10 Feb - Traders - again updated. Today's update; an additional trader and the addition of weblinks for most of the attending traders.

1 & 2 Feb - Traders - updated with one withdrawal and additional weblinks added. Layouts page also updated with one new layout added and the time period details now added for another.

31 Jan - Traders and Layouts listings updated for 2017 Show. These should now be close to the final line ups. (NB 2017 Societies & Demonstrator updates not yet finalised.) Further links added to the Hints & tips page.

7 Jan - New Modelling tips page added and links panel updated.

18 Nov (2) - Emails update - Due to personal and workload issues there is a delay in responding currently for which we apologise. Incidental to this a fault (now fixed) was also discovered which has delayed response to one email only. Unknown to us the default setting on our ISP server had been reset (probably in their recent system update) disconnecting the auto-forwarding to the webmaster's live account of any emails sent to our generic email address of yorkshow@yorkshow.org.uk . Please use the specific email addresses in the Contact Us section to avoid any future repeat scenario.

18 Nov (1) - Following reports that some emails were not being answered the link in the Contact Us section has been deleted and reloaded. Issue is being investigated.

28 Oct - Partial rewrite of the travel page after reviewing the links etc. Road access section updated. Additional link for Teesside Airport addded.

24 Oct - The travel page has again had the text revised as checking the latest timetable shows bus route 11 now runs direct down Bishopthorpe Rd during the show hours. Service bus routes 21 & 26 still run from the station to the venue (Saturday only). The event days only bus 197 remains TBC/Work in progress for 2017. The rail franchise links will be rechecked in next couple of days too.

20 Oct - The layouts page updated with minor tweak to a layout description.

12 Oct - The layouts page now updated with the first batch of confirmed exhibitors for 2017, many more expected. List will be updated for additional 2017 attendees when details are confirmed. The travel page has also had the text revised regarding the latest anticipated bus options for 2017.

1 Oct - Advance ticket box office has re-opened today. All 2016 prices and times repeated for 2017.

18 Sep - A few updates to announce. Firstly as of 11th September the York Model Railway Show became a Company Limited by guarantee, Company Number 10369624. Secondly Times and Prices are confirmed as held to those of 2016. Finally the Advance Ticket option is still on track to be reopened/uploaded to the website as from 1st October. The Pay Pal ticket purchase trial from last year was successful and the option to pay via PayPal will again be offered for 2017 tickets. Unfortunately on the public transport side York City Council withdrew subsidy funding recently for the number 11 bus route AND THIS WILL NOT RUN on the Sunday and Monday.

Work is progressing behind the scenes as to layouts etc., and these details will be uploaded to the site once a sufficient number are confirmed. wishing all readers a good winter modelling season and we hope to see you all again over Easter 2017.

26 Apr - Dates now added as the first update for 2017. Other changes will be added over the coming weeks. Expected date for Box Office re-opening - 1st October.


Web Ring links were removed in May 2012 as they were proving troublesome by automatically redirecting page visitors.

Update policy


The relevant pages relating to each year's show are updated regularly. For the latest lists see Demos/societies | Layouts | Traders. The organisers of the York Model Railway Show aim to keep this web- site current and accurate.  However from time to time errors and omissions may creep in.   All confirmed exhibitors and traders with related web sites discovering they have not been linked to, and any reader finding an error on the site please contact us so that we can investigate and correct such omissions and errors as rapidly as possible.   The FreeFind search engine re-indexes the site on a fortnightly automated basis.

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